13th April 2018


Sean Kirtz
Founder of CLOUT

Feature Speaker

Sean is a fintech solution architect and a recognized entrepreneur. He is involved in various aspects of the cryptocurrency markets encompassing from providing trade ideas and chief advisory to direct access “new issue” ICO’s. Sean is consistent in finding opportunities recognizing the value-oriented blockchain companies with an emphasis on long-term vision and fundamentals. Sean is a digital and marketing specialist with a cogent presence in the cryptocurrency sector. He is accredited with founding Bitcoin Day Traders, a leading social cryptocurrency enthusiast community. Sean is also the founder of XWS - a DevOps, mobile and web company. Sean holds Magna Cum Laude Degree from Florida Atlantic.

Jeff Ward

Jeff Ward is Director of the Duke Center on Law & Tech (DCLT), where he teaches the country’s first dedicated blockchain law course and oversees DCLT Fellows who seek to employ the tools of the law to ensure that rapidly emerging technologies such as blockchains empower and enable people. The DCLT frequently hosts blockchain-related events and is a member of the Legal Industry Working Group of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

David A Cohen

David Cohen Founder of Dcntral.ai, David earned a Master’s Degree in Engineering specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Founder and CEO of Infotility where he pioneered “The Grid Edge” and unlocked a multi-billion dollar SmartGrid market. David is the co-founder of other cutting-edge ventures including former foundation member of IOTA and advisor of Hashgraph.

Nicolette Kahen

Nicolette Kahen has earned the named Crypto Barbie in the blockchain space, but don’t let the name deceive you. She travels to crypto conferences and meetups around the world and regularly interacts with the industry’s most influential players. Through this, Kahen has gained a unique perspective that is rarely found today in crypto.

Mijo Bradica

Mijo parlayed his traditional financial experiences into the blockchain space as a trader and angel investor.  Mijo is an avid connector in the space, premier syndicate aggregator, crypto asset enthusiast and angel investor for select blockchain startups and runs crowdfunded community pools. Mijo’s expertise revolves around but is not limited to, handling escrow management, community management, and the ability to raise capital. Mijo also formed the Crypto Asset Roundtable.

Ron Russo

Ronald Russo is the founder and CEO of GLX.com. His company is building the world’s only capital market directory and social finance network, which is a global capital market news data portal and groundbreaking financial networking platform. He has been an entrepreneur and an active member of the private equity and investment banking communities for more than 24 years.

Dennis Grishin
Computer Scientist

Dennis Grishin is a Co-founder at Nebula Genomics, building the protocol for the genomics age. Nebula Genomics is using Blockchain technology to empower people to own their genomic data. He is pursuing a Ph.D. at Harvard Medical School for developing new DNA sequencing methods. Dennis holds a Masters degree from Harvard University for computer science and Bachelor’s degree from the University of Freiburg in Microsystems Engineering and Molecular Medicine.

Darryll DiPietro
President/CEO Coincierge Club

Darryll is President of Crypto Cash Hub and Coincierge Club which is a private key wallet supporting over 13k cryptos and capable of speeds up to 250k transactions per second. The Coincierge Club node is being integrated into Mexico and they are in communication with the World Economic Forum to further develop this as well as a local parish in Louisiana wishing to build a smart city.

Vincent Ferretti
Vin Ferretti is the founder of Bit More Crypto, a cryptocurrency consulting group that educates individuals on the propers ways of investing in the cryptocurrency market, connects like-minded individuals, and provides mentorships for beginning investors. He is also a YouTube content creator and works for a blockchain consulting firm based out of Montreal.
Dan Byrd
Dan has a background as an executive in Enterprise Software across a wide spectrum of disciplines. Dan helps drive adoption and strategy for Big Data Analytics for Fortune 500 companies. He has been involved in Technical Analysis for 15 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge and insights into analysis of data for market trends. Dan’s expertise is in understanding the data that drives markets, from stocks to crypto currencies, and will relay some ideas on how to better understand the trends in today’s markets.
Adrianna Mendez
Community Manager - Cypherglass

Adrianna is the Community Manager for Cypherglass the premier US EOS Block Producer. She has been utilizing her unique skills since 2012 to help drive results from digital marketing, early user adoption & community building strategy. She studied psychology at the University of Texas-San Antonio and received her Masters of Science from Kaplan University with focus on Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Her passion for crypto and blockchain began in 2015 and since has dedicated her skill set to the success of decentralized blockchain projects. She is a member of the San Antonio Crypto Network, co-founder of the Bitcoin Beginner Box, moderator for Crypto Coin Trader Women's Group and active blogger.

Mike Warren
Co/Founder of Executive Boardroom

Mike Warren is a co-founder of Executive Boardroom an online educational platform and exbcoin.io which is developing a verifiable credentials system for education and employment. Mike is an international business maverick whose contrarian strategies have helped entrepreneurs generate tremendous growth and increase cash flow for their businesses. Mike is a partner in 2 private equity groups that specialize in helping businesses achieve rapid growth and sell their companies for top dollar or take them public. Mike is an International Best Selling Author of multiple books related to finance, growth and business acquisition. Mike has 30 years’ experience in sales, direct response marketing and leadership techniques. Mike holds an MBA in finance and has helped companies raise millions of dollars. Mike is on the board of multiple companies and works diligently with different charitable organizations including Unite4Good and Boots2Suits.

Frank Curran
Co-Founder, Vice President, CleanEnergy Blockchain, the North American Partner of PowerLedger
Co-Founder, Vice President, CleanEnergy Blockchain, the North American Partner of PowerLedger
Accomplished Operations, Business Development, and Sales executive with a proven track record for designing, developing and executing strategic partnerships and global programs to accelerate company growth,  A business leader with more than 20 years of experience in key executive positions with successful technology firms such as: Affinnova, Novell , SUSE, and Blackduck Software - with significant experience in startup and new product launch environments. 
Joshua Munson

Joshua Munson does both marketing and public relations for ICO Services Inc. He is also currently studying economics at Virginia Commonwealth University. Joshua comes from a background in investing both in small-cap stocks and cryptocurrency. At VCU, Joshua helped to manage $200,000 of his university’s endowment money for the Student Managed Investment Portfolio. He was a member of both the Healthcare and Industrial sector. He also founded the small cap, small business club at VCU where he served as president