13th April 2018




Tax Considerations 2018-19

From a small-scale investor to a top ranking CEO whose business profit predominately comes from cryptocurrency, it is important to consider the best strategies when doing your taxes. We will have experts speak and discuss what strategies and options are available and what to take into consideration when doing your taxes when cryptocurrency is involved.

Software Wallets vs Hardware Wallets

When you buy bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you must have a wallet to store it in.

The question that has been recently posed by new investors and developers is that do we need both software and hardware wallets?  We will discuss which wallets are better for you for which purposes, and the pros and cons of each wallet.

Cryptocurrency Mining; The New Frontier

One of the most important and intricate parts of blockchain technology for most coins are the miners. We will discuss if mining is even still profitable, which coins experts recommend you mine. There will also be a lecture and panel on mining Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Monero.

Blockchain and Crypto Tech 101: What is the potential?
Blockchain technology is ever-changing, and even being adopted by mainstream companies and governments. What is the real potential for blockchain? Why are governments adopting the technology? Who uses blockchain technology? What are the benefits of blockchain technology versus similar technology?
The Regulatory Environment in 2018

Regulations have been the talk of 2018 within the crypto community. We will have a lecture on the new up and coming regulatory changes, and the legal workings of the cryptocurrency industry itself.

Crypto ATM’s

What are they? Are they really necessary? What are the benefits for having a crypto-atm in your storefront, or in your town? Are the safe to use? Why use an ATM instead of an exchange or peer to peer platform? Our speaker will be discussing the pros and cons, and the ins and outs of Crypto ATMs.

Purchasing Precious Metals with Cryptocurrency
When someone wants to liquidate cryptocurrency their first thought is to usually liquidate their cryptocurrency into a FIAT(USD). Our speaker will be giving investors and traders another option by discussing purchasing precious metals with cryptocurrency. Our speaker will not only explain exactly how to buy precious metals with cryptocurrency, but also the positives of turning your cryptocurrency into precious metals vs FIAT.
Understanding Bitcoin Futures Contracts
One of the newest terms we’ve heard this year with Wall Street taking on the market is the bitcoin future contract. Our speaker will be explaining what exactly is the “bitcoin future contract”, how it works, why investors buy them, and what it exactly means for the volatile price of bitcoin.
ICO’s: What You Need to Know

As Bitcoin and cryptocurrency take the mainstream world by storm, there is a rush of new users and investors. New ICOs appear daily, and with a low success rate you need to be very careful about what you invest in, and how you invest. Our speaker will be discussing everything you need to know about ICOs along with all of the pros and cons.